San Francisco


This past weekend, I went to San Francisco to visit my cousin.  She’s lived there for 8 years and I just made it down (oops).  Day one greeted us with sunshine and spontaneous piercings!  When she was up visiting me, it was spontaneous tattoos, so naturally we had to get up to some type of trouble.

Day two brought us to Sausalita and the Golden Gate Bridge.  We took the ferry over to Sausalita and had lunch in a pub right on the beach!  Tons of people were playing all sorts of games out on the sand, and the food was delicious.  We had planned to paddle board out to the bridge, but the wind picked up – and SUP’s are useless in the wind.  Instead, we jumped on the bus and went to check out the bridge.  It really is a cool sight in person.  Everybody has seen it in photos, etc, but it really is something else to see it up close.  I’m stoked I can scratch that one off my bucket list.

Later the same day, we went to the Sutro Bath Ruins.  It used to be a 1920’s bath house, and a storm destroyed it. TONS of history – very cool to see.  There are also various trails along the cliffs which are beautiful.  On one side you have the Pacific, and on the other there are trees and forests all over the place.  Caught me by surprise!  We took a trail down to the cliffs and hung out looking out over the ocean for a while.  I – of course – had to ditch the city vibes for a little while!  The spot we chose looked out to the ocean, as well as the Golden Gate in the distance.  There are lots of large sharp rocks that jut out along the coastline.  Very, very beautiful.



On day three, we climbed up Twin Peaks, which revealed a view of the city.  Not your typical mountain, nature kinda view, but pretty unreal regardless.  There aren’t many places you can overlook large cities like San Fran!  We were meant to check out some other neighbourhoods (all of SF neighbourhoods are extremely different), however we had to sidetrack over to Fort Mason to retrieve my cousin’s phone which she left in the cab (lol).  This actually worked out really well because at Fort Mason there was a huge craft fair going on!  Fort Mason used to be a huge military base, so again, tons of history amongst where you’re walking.

Spontaneity can’t really go “wrong”, and I’d say being unable to stay in one place for long is paying off!



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