Kilkee, Ireland


This last trip was my second adventure to Ireland.  The first time I went I had heard about the Kilkee cliff walk, but hadn’t been able to make it there.  Locals had told me they were smaller than the Cliffs of Moher and many other cliff sights but for some reason, it stuck with me.  When I started to plan my second visit, there was voice in my head saying “you better make it to make it to Kilkee this time around”.  I couldn’t explain why though, because I hadn’t seen any pictures of it.

The above picture is from the cliff walk, one of my all time favourite pictures I’ve ever taken. Let me tell you the place is stunning. It’s not overly heavy with tourists, and Kilkee is a small town so you’ll definitely experience a local feel if you ever go.  When I got off the bus in Kilkee, it was a gorgeous sunny evening.  I caught one look at the bay near my hostel, and knew instantly that it was the right place to visit.  I spent the entire next day walking along the cliffs, and watching all of the activity on the beach.

GOPR4312.JPGOne thing I constantly remind myself of, is that spending a day outdoors is the best way to hit the “reset” button on yourself.  I woke up the morning of the cliff walk feeling tired, and not even remotely motivated to spend the day walking.  I left Kilkee feeling refreshed and, more importantly, extremely happy. 

If you experience that pull to go somewhere you’ve never visited before, for no apparent reason – GO.



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