IMG_1008The person I want to write about today I did not stumble upon, nor was it spontaneous.  She is one of my younger sisters, and one of the most important people in my life.  She’s the determined one that you don’t mess with.  She’s driven, and my god is she ever stubborn.  She’s the one who has your back the second you need her, and the one you don’t cross – especially when it comes to family.  She lifts people up when they’re tearing themselves down, gives me pep talks when I need them, and quite frankly doesn’t take no for an answer if it isn’t the response she’s waiting for.  She would be a skilled lawyer based on her arguing skills, and has that fiery passion to do well with her career, or anything she puts her energy towards.  She tackles me when I get annoying (which is often by the way), and no matter how hard I try, she’s always tougher than me too.

She has been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and all of the attributes I listed before, are what will make her better.  I look at her everyday, and marvel at how strong she is.  It should be no secret by now how much of a fight mental illness is.  I’m sure everyone reading this has had their own experience.  To combat something that is present in her life on a daily basis, and accepting that this is the battle she is meant to fight, means she’s already well on her way to healing.  I’m so proud of her for grabbing the bull by the horns, like she has with literally every other challenge in life, and when she’s comes back around, look out World.

My youngest sister has just started a “GoFundMe” page to help her out, so please take a second to read it and pass it along:




4 thoughts on “RESILIENCE

  1. Hey Michelle – what a beautiful tribute to your sister – amazing love! sending love to you both and a deep appreciation of you sharing her story. All the best for a successful campaign and for healing and wellness for your sis!


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