Thank You

For a while now, I have been feeling this need to write, but couldn’t figure out where to start.  I recently returned home from a backpacking trip through Ireland, and amongst the amazing people I met were two gyals (Anna & Rachel) from the US.  They told me they had started a blog for their travels and it is the raddest thing ->


I met A&R in what is now one of my favourite places in the entire world.  A small town called “Glencolmcille” with a population of 200 people.  A must see for those of you who prefer less people, and more natural beauty.  The locals are wonderful and the sights are breathtaking, so please – if you’re in Ireland – make it up there.

I’ve been following their adventures since I met them, and I realized that this is the kind of project I’d like to try.  Combining a love for taking photos, and a helpless addiction to spontaneous exploration, here goes my attempt at sharing some of my favourite shots.

Because this is my first blog EVER, I thought it fit to give a shout out to Anna & Rachel for inspiring me when we met, and motivating me to try something like this on my own. You two are very special people, and I wish you all the best on your future experiences!


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